Darman Organic Herbal Tea Set Box - 27 bags

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Darman Organic Herbal Tea Set Box - 27 bags
Brand Darman Tea
Ingredients Wild Thyme, Wild Mint, Wild Pomegranate flowers, Wild Mint bush, Wild Oregano, Rose petals, Wild Giant Cephelaria, Wild Saint-Johns-wort, Wild Common balm, Wild Mallow flowers, Wild Immortelle
Net Weight 200g
Feature Organic
Made in Armenia
Shipped from United States

Collection box 9 types. Tea Bags With Tags 27 pieces (9*3). A popular gift and souvenir option. A truly spiritual and joyful experience.
Assortment of 3x9 unique, exquisite and healthy herbal blends. Each enclosed in individual nylon steeping bags for ultimate taste and convenience.

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