Darman Organic Wild Mint Bush (Ziziphora) Tea - 40g

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Darman Organic Wild Mint Bush (Ziziphora) Tea - 40g
Brand Darman Tea
Ingredients Wild Mint Bush (Ziziphora)
Net Weight 40g
Feature Organic
Made in Armenia
Shipped from United States

Super Antioxidant.
The box contains complete leaves and flowers of organic Mint Bush (Ziziphora) collected in the Tavush province of Armenia at an altitude of 1700-2900 m above sea level.
Useful properties. This plant is distinguished by its refined and pleasant taste, it has a calming effect and a number of other useful features such as antitumor, strong antioxidant, antifungal and antimicrobial, lowers chances of diabetes and heart attack.

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