Aelita Dolukhanyan - Morus Hasratyan. Documentary of Identity and Inheritance

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Aelita Dolukhanyan - Morus Hasratyan. Documentary of Identity and Inheritance

Morus Hasratyan was Charents's friend and was arrested like Charents, on the same charges, lived in the same prison cell where Charents was. He was released from prison during the Stalinist repressions, because they were sure that he would not live. Is it possible to start life again at the age of 40, when there is a conviction and a ban on returning to the old job? This book tells about the difficult and interesting life of prominent historian and philologist Morus Hasratyan. He was close to Charents and Bakunts, dared to protect his friends from Stalinist repressions, was not afraid to participate in Komitas' funeral, praised Sergey Parajanov's film during a closed viewing, forced the British museum to change the inscription on the "Anahit" statue and fought against the Sotheby's auction of unique Armenian specimens.
Title in Armenian Աելիտա Դոլուխանյան - Մորուս Հասրաթյան։ Ինքնության և ժառանգուփյան վավերագիրը
Author(s) Aelita Dolukhanyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Newmag
Year 2022
Pages 228
Binding Hardcover
Size 14.5 x 22 cm
ISBN 9789939884677

tags: inqnutyan yev zharangutyan vaveragir@, morus hasratian

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