Gurgen Mahari - Childhood. Adolescence. On The Threshold of Youth

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Gurgen Mahari - Childhood. Adolescence. On The Threshold of Youth

Gurgen Mahari's autobiographical trilogy is one of the important and enduring literary testimonies of the Armenian social and political life of the beginning of the 20th century. The completeness of this publication differs favorably even from the volume published in the complete collection of works (2015). In addition to two original notebooks of the novel "On The Threshold of Youth" preserved in the Charents Museum of Literature and Art, recently two more were found in the writer's family archive, re-examined with new parts, which are being published for the first time.
Title in Armenian Գուրգեն Մահարի - Մանկություն: Պատանեկություն: Երիտասարդության սեմին
Author(s) Gurgen Mahari
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2022
Pages 504
Binding Hardcover
Size 14.5 x 20 cm

tags: mankutyun, patanekutyun, eritasardutyan semin

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