Flowerland Cuticle Oil by NE Professional

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Flowerland Cuticle Oil by NE Professional


Flowerland cuticle oil softens and moisturizes the nail beds and cuticles.
Nourishes the nail bed and provides with pleasant aroma.
Makes the cuticles grow slower and helps foster the natural growth of nails.
The aroma is inspired from the flowery fields of Armenia.

How to Use
Apply 1 drop of oil on cuticles.
Spread the oil all over the nail bed and cuticle with circular motions.

Brand NE Professional
Made in Armenia
Weight 15 ml
Shipped from Armenia

tags: ne beauty, ՆԵ, manikyur, մանիկյուր, լաք, եղունգների խնամք, exungneri khnamq, eghungneri xnamk

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