Artak Movsisyan - History of Pre-Mashtots Written Culture of Armenia

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Artak Movsisyan - History of Pre-Mashtots Written Culture of Armenia
Title in Armenian Արտակ Մովսիսյան - Հայաստանի նախամաշտոցյան գրավոր մշակույթի պատմություն
Author(s) Artak Movsisyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Zangak
Year 2021
Pages 448
Binding Hardcover
Size 18 x 25 cm
ISBN 9789939689050
The monograph is dedicated to the early stages of the origin and development of writing in the Armenian Highlands, the study of the writing systems used in Armenia before Mesrop Mashtots, and the written monuments left by them. The writing systems created both in native Armenia and in foreign countries and introduced and used by our ancestors with their writing monuments are presented. Separate chapters are devoted to the inscriptions left by foreigners in the territory of Armenia, as well as to the written monuments of mysterious origin and unknown significance, as well as the information on the inscriptions of local and foreign origin found in Armenia. The work can be useful for Armenologists, orientalists, students, and the reading public interested in Armenology.

tags: artak movsisian, artak movsissian, hayastani nakhamashtotsyan gravor mshakuyti patmutyun

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