Anet's Collection Crown Ring - Yellow

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Anet's Collection Crown Ring - Yellow
Brand Anet's Collection
Designer Anet Abnous
Material(s) 8mm 14K gold plated
Shipped from United States

Anet's Collection Crown ring inspired from 150 Armenian Queens who helped their husbands taking part in governance and defense of the country, 103 of them being Armenian, 10 French, 9 Greek, 8 Partians, 6 Romans, 6 Persian, 4 Georgian, 2 Alanki, 1 Assyrian, 1 Mangolian.
Brass Casting
Three colors - Red, Blue and Orange Zircone stone. Zircon is a colorful gem with high refraction and fire that's unfairly confused with cubic zirconia.
Size: US 7 (Adjustable from 6.5-7.5)
Designed and Produced by Anet Abnous

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