Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes. A Study in Scarlet. The Sign of The Four

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Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes. A Study in Scarlet. The Sign of The Four

A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of the Four are the first tales about the legendary detective, published in 1887 and 1890, respectively. A Study in Scarlet marks the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend and chronicler Dr. Watson, on whose behalf most of the cases are written. In this novel we become acquainted with Holmes’s famous method of deduction. However, the real success of Holmes’s stories came with The Sign of the Four. With its complex plot full of twists and turns, surprise endings of the chain of mysterious events, the novel keeps the readers engaged until the very last page.
Title in Armenian Արթուր Քոնան Դոյլ - Շերլոք Հոլմս․ Արնագույն գործը։ Չորսի նշանը
Author(s) Arthur Conan Doyle
Translator(s) Eliza Sargsyan, Christine Chilingaryan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2022
Pages 328
Binding Hardcover
Size 14.5 x 20 cm
ISBN 9789939919539

tags: artur konan doyl, konan doil, sherlok holms, arnaguyn gorc@, chorsi nshan@

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