A collection of Tumanyan’s 16 fairy tales

A Collection Of Tumanyan’s 16 Fairy Tales (+CD)


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A collection of Tumanyan’s 16 fairy tales (+CD)

A collection of Tumanyan’s 16 fairy tales (+CD). The collection includes the favorite fairy tales by Hovhannes Tumanyan and a CD in which the tales are read by Aida Asaturyan. The sixteen fairy tales are presented in separate illustrated books, ten of which contain a loose leaf for coloring. All this is packed in a nice and compact paper-bag. It’s a wonderful present for every child.

A collection of Tumanyan’s 16 fairy tales contains 16 fairy tales by Tumanyan:
Unlucky Panos
The foolish man
The Brave Nazar
Liar hunter
The death of Kikos
Lazy Huri
The clever and the stupid
The big jar of gold
The liar
The travelers
The invincible rooster
Brother axe
The talking fish
The Miller-king
The master and the servant

Hovhannes Tumanyan (February 19, 1869 – March 23, 1923) was an Armenian writer and public activist. He is considered to be the national poet of Armenia. Tumanyan wrote poems, quatrains, ballads, novels, fables, critical and journalistic articles. His work was mostly written in realistic form, often centering on everyday life of his time. Born in the historical village of Dsegh in the Lori region, at a young age Tumanyan moved to Tiflis, which was the center of Armenian culture under the Russian Empire during the 19th and early 20th centuries. He soon became known to the wide Armenian society for his simple but very poetic works.

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