Armenian Chronicle

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Armenian Chronicle

Armenian Chronicle

Author: Hovhan Dardel

Hovhan Dardel was a 14-century French clergyman and chronicler, a bishop, ordained by the Pope, as well as the confessor and secretary of Levon VI the Lusinyan, King of Cilician Armenia. Written in French, his “Armenian Chronicle” describes the history of Cilician Armenia from the beginning to the year of 1384. The work was translated into Old Armenian (Grabar) by Khoren Galfayan (Nar Pey), from which the current translation of Ashkharabar is done.
The book may interest Armenian readers in general, especially those who are interested in issues, concerning Cilician Armenia.
Author(s) Hovhan Dardel
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Zangak
Year 2013
Pages 168
Binding paperback
Printing Black & White
Size 14.5 x 20 cm
ISBN 9789939681610

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