Learning Armenian, Headstart

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Learning Armenian, Headstart

Learning Armenian Headstart is designed for beginners and addressed to the English-speaking people. New language is presented in measured amounts and in logical order. Once learners know roughly 1000 words, phrases and the basic structure of a new language, I offer my next Armenian textbook 'One hundred conversational exercises for foreigners', which is also intended for English-speaking people who want to learn spoken Eastern Armenian. We hope that these books will contribute to a better understanding and speaking of Armenian. ​Learning Armenian Headstart consists of four units. In the first unit we try to teach the Armenian alphabet and the most useful vocabulary. After acquisition of a basic knowledge of the Armenian alphabet and understanding of the structure of Armenian complex words and word building nuances, we start to learn easy texts. The second unit consists of ten texts. After acquisition of writing and reading skills, the learners can read and translate those texts. The third unit presents questionnaires and possible answers, which can help in everyday living and communication process. The fourth unit is a grammar guide-book, from which the students can benefit in the future too. We have also added a Writing Book to learn Armenian handwriting. ​ The II part of the manual is 'One hundred conversational exercises for foreigners'. The III part of the manual includes educational texts about the Armenian history, its old, new cities. Understanding of these texts will deepen the knowledge of the Armenian language.
Title in Armenian Սովորում ենք գրել, կարդալ, խոսել հայերեն
Author(s) L.K.Muradyan
Language(s) Armenian, English
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2018
Pages 320
Binding paperback
Printing Color
Size 16.5 x 23.5 cm
ISBN 9789939751412

tags: sovorum enq grel kardal khosel hayeren, sovorum enk grel kardal xosel hayeren

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