My Library. Mushegh Ishkhan. Poetry

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My Library. Mushegh Ishkhan. Poetry

"My Library" series offers Mushegh Ishkhan's poems collection. ?Mushegh Ishkhan was an Armenian Diasporan poet, writer and educator. Orphaned during the Armenian Genocide at the age of two, Ishkhan was raised in Beirut, Lebanon. His first book of poems was published in 1936. He also published plays, novels, and a series of textbooks on Armenian literature in addition to his well-known poetry. According to Ishkhan, in the absence of territory for the Armenian diaspora it is the language that functions as the 'space' for imagining the nation: "The Armenian language is the home and haven where the wanderer can own roof and wall and nourishment...". ?
?Each book from “My library” series represents one of classical Armenian writers or poets’ best works. The series is intended for schoolchildren, students, adult readers and generally all those who are interested in Armenian literature.
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2014
Pages 136
Binding paperback
Printing Black & White
ISBN 9789939529073

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