World's Wise Fairy Tales



World's Wise Fairy Tales

World's Wise Fairy Tales

The book is a treasury of 40 fairy tales selected from world’s peoples’ and authors' fairy tales, many of which have been translated into Armenian for the first time. The book is both for children and adults, as at each age one needs to reveal the world of wisdom anew. The fairy tales included in the book contain age-old truths and values which are well-established by the world’s peoples’ experience and are furthermore timely. Each of these fairy tales is a unique world, the revelation of which leads us to open up new layers of wisdom or to reaffirm them, as well as to rediscover the fairy tale in us. The fairy tales teach diligence, dignity, honesty, loyalty, good will, perseverance, respect for the elderly and other human virtues, not only attaching importance to those virtues but also showing the ways of practicing them, struggling, creating and achieving major success through them.
By reading shall we open the door of wisdom...
Compiler(s) Shavarsh Karapetyan
Translator(s) Hasmik Mkrtchyan
Illustrator(s) Hayk Adamyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2014
Pages 224
Binding hardcover
Printing Color
Size 17 x 25 cm
ISBN 9789939528267

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