Find The Pair - Uppercase / Lowercase

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Find The Pair - Uppercase / Lowercase
This game is designed to develop the child's memory and introduce them to the Armenian letters, both uppercase and lowercase, through corresponding pictures. It helps to improve attention and observation skills, encourages children to play in an organized manner and follow instructions and rules. It is suitable for children aged three and above.


To begin, place the cards right side up and ask the child to carefully examine them. Then, turn the cards over and have the child select one letter and try to find its matching pair. Once the letter pair has been found, ask the child to remember as many words as possible that start with that letter.

Keep the lowercase cards with yourself, divide the uppercase cards equally among the children. Place one of the lowercase cards on the table, and have the participants quickly find the matching uppercase letter near them. With younger children, the same game can be played by focusing on the images.

Spread the pictures on the table, set a timer, and ask the child to find as many pairs as possible within a set time limit, such as 10 seconds.

Ask the child to create stories about the pictures.

Brand Xaxalove
Size(s)/Dimensions(s) 24 x 20.5 x 5 cm
Ages 3+ years
Shipped from Armenia

Instructions in Armenian

tags: kids game, matching game

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