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Mafia board game extended version with original design plastic cards. Contains 21 cards. Mafia Rules

There are two teams, Mafia and Citizens. And there are two phases, day and night. The citizens win if they eliminate all the mafia players and the mafia wins if they outnumber the citizen players.

The Number of Players. Minimum 7 players, no maximum number. There should be 1 mafia member per 3 citizens, rounded down.

The Deal. One player is selected each round to be the moderator. The moderator does not participate in the game as a player, but manages the game and remains absolutely neutral.

The moderator will ascertain how many of each card to deal and will deal each player, face down, one card. Each player will look at his or her card. No one shall reveal his identity before the first day. No one shall ever show his card to anyone else while they are still alive. In a variant, the moderator may deal the cards out non-randomly, choosing secretly who is to play each role.

Night Phase. The moderator tells everyone to go to sleep, all players close their eyes. The moderator then tells the mafia players to wake up. Those players that drew the mafia cards open eyes and see who else is on their team. The moderator then asks the mafia to point to the player they want to kill. The mafia quietly agree to and point to the player they wish to kill and after the moderator acknowledges their target, the moderator asks the mafia to go to sleep.

Day Phase. The moderator tells everyone to wake up. The moderator then tells the group, by name, the player that was killed by the mafia. The remaining players then have to debate who they think the mafia are. The mafia will act, bluff, lie, and pretend not to be the mafia as not to get caught. Everyone votes for one player to “lynch” or kick out of town. That player is eliminated and it’s up to the moderator if he/she wants to disclose that player’s role.

The night phase comes again and the game keeps going until there is no mafia left or the mafia outnumbers the citizens.

Description of the main roles


Moderator is chosen in the beginning of the game. He/she deals cards by choice or randomly.


Mafioso with team-mates awake in the night and they decide priority of murdering peaceful citizens. The purpose is to make citizens leave the game.


Head of Mafia. During the night discussion the decision rests with Boss. If Boss is killed, he is replaced by his/her team-mates in the following order: Mafioso, Advocate, Traitor and Thief.


Citizen is not awake during the night. The purpose is to reveal and destroy members of mafia and to remain alive.


Sheriff plays for citizens. He/she wakes up in the night independently from the others and pointing out one of the players, gets information from Moderator, whether the particular player is the member of mafia or not. Moderator provides information: thumb up is the positive sign, which shows the person is citizen, thumb down is the negative sign, the player is mafia member.

Description of additional roles


Doctor plays for the citizens. He/she wakes up in the night independently from the others and chooses one of the players. The chosen one remains alive even if Mafia attacks him/her. Doctor cannot choose the same person two nights in a row. During the whole game Doctor can choose himself/herself once.

Additional details:

- If Doctor is killed by Mafia or Maniac, the player chosen by Doctor cannot be recovered that night.

- If Doctor is chosen by Lady Night, the player pointed out by Doctor cannot be recovered; and if Mafia attacks Lady Night both her and Doctor should be dead.


Advocate is a citizen, who plays for mafia members. During the first night Advocate wakes up and gets acquainted with Mafia members. Later on Advocate wakes up independently to choose whom to protect. The player, who gets protection from Advocate, cannot be killed during one day. The fact that a player has got protection from Advocate is revealed during the day voting. Additional voting is not held on the same day. Even if Advocate is killed the same night, the protection will be in force for the next day. Advocate can protect any player as well as himself/herself, but cannot choose the same player twice.


It is a single player who plays for himself/herself. The purpose is similar to other single players’ which is to survive. Maniac wakes up at night and chooses the victim. Maniac does not know mafia members, who also do not know who is Maniac. Maniac wins only if he/she remains alive. Getting request from Sheriff, Moderator points Maniac out as a citizen.


Crazy Scientist wakes up in the nights and poisons one of the players. The poison acts on the next day, victim dies. Scientist can poison any player. In case when Scientist is not sure, he/she can drop his/her choice. Like a Maniac, Scientist wins only if he/she remains alive. Getting request from Sheriff, Moderator points Scientist out as a citizen.

Lady Night

Lady Night is a citizen who wakes up at night, chooses the player and spends the night with him/her. During the night player loses his/her abilities and cannot kill, make clarifications, protect, poison, thief or heal. When Mafia wants to kill the player pointed out by Night Lady, murder fails. Night Lady can choose any player but cannot choose the same player two nights in a row.


Thief plays for citizens. He/she blocks abilities of the player whom he/she has chosen. The thieved player wakes up in the night and sees the crossed hands of Moderator. It means that the player has to sleep again. But it is not announced. For example, Moderator asks whom Doctor wants to heal. The thieved player does not get any protection. Thief can choose any player but cannot choose the same player two nights in a row.


Traitor begins the game as a citizen. Traitor wakes up in the first night and Moderator shows him/her Mafia members. Mafia does not know who is Traitor. His/her purpose is to divert citizens’ attention from Mafia members. Getting request from Sheriff, Moderator points Traitor out as a citizen. When all Mafia members “are killed”, Traitor leaves the game automatically.

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