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The playing cards should be mixed well, placed on the table so that the guessed words are inside.
All participants must wear card game headbands.
Determine the order in which you enter the game, and if you have difficulty, do it according to age, from young to old.
The first participant, without looking at the playing cards, takes one of them and puts it on his forehead.
The card says who he is, for example, "cat", "anchor", "eye", which can be seen by all participants in the game,
except the participant with a playing card on the forehead.
Turn the hourglass so that the sand starts to fall. The time to completely shed is 1 minute.
Within 1 minute, the participant with a playing card on the forehead, by asking various
questions to his teammates, has to find out who he is by guessing the word that
will be written on his playing card. You can also use the questions written on the playing cards and invent your own questions.
If the participant with a playing card in the foreground guesses the word within 1 minute,
he gets 1 point and the playing card leaves the game, and if not, the playing card leaves the game without a point.
The player with the most points wins the game.

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