Zil Zar Intellectual Board Game

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Zil Zar Intellectual Board Game

Number of players: 4+

Age: 14+
ZIL ZAR is an intellectual board game for those who prefer variety.
You need to roll the die then complete the task in less than a minute to collect the points.
The game includes 5 DIFFERENT TASKS: Read the backward word; Show with gestures; Answer YES or NO; Draw in any way you can; Explain all the words on the Zil card in
other words.
THE DIE indicates how to present which word on the card.
301 Zil Zar cards
77 Zil CARDS
1 Die
1 Sand timer
Instructions How to play
Divide into teams. The good old classic game of “rock, paper, scissors” determines which team gets to go first.
STEPS IN ORDER: roll the die, draw a card, flip the timer, try to complete the task.
You are granted 1 MINUTE to complete your task.
If your teammates guess the answer and you still have time, the same player rolls the die again to perform the next task until the time runs out.
The game includes 5 DIFFERENT TASKS, the ZIL die is what determines which task you’ll get.
The tasks on the die are marked with corresponding images.
Each of the 5 tasks rewards you with a certain amount of points.
The team with the most points is the winner.

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