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Brass Earrings with Silicon by Karine
Brass Earrings with Pyrite by Karine
Brass Earrings with Malachite by KarineBrass Earrings with Malachite by Karine
Brass Earrings with Turqouise by Karine
Brass Earrings Saryan - "Armenia" by Karine
Brass Pendant Saryan - "Armenia" by Karine
Anet's Collection Trinity Earrings - WhiteAnet's Collection Trinity Earrings - White
Anet's Collection Trinity Earrings - YellowAnet's Collection Trinity Earrings - Yellow
Anet's Collection Trinity Necklace - WhiteAnet's Collection Trinity Necklace - White
Anet's Collection Trinity Necklace - YellowAnet's Collection Trinity Necklace - Yellow
Anet's Collection Crown Ring - WhiteAnet's Collection Crown Ring - White
Anet's Collection Crown Ring - YellowAnet's Collection Crown Ring - Yellow
Anet's Collection Crown Earrings - WhiteAnet's Collection Crown Earrings - White
Anet's Collection Crown Earrings - YellowAnet's Collection Crown Earrings - Yellow
Anet's Collection Crown Bracelet - WhiteAnet's Collection Crown Bracelet - White
Anet's Collection Crown Bracelet - YellowAnet's Collection Crown Bracelet - Yellow
Armenian Alphabet Bracelet/Bangle - WhiteArmenian Alphabet Bracelet/Bangle - White
Armenian Alphabet Bracelet/Bangle - YellowArmenian Alphabet Bracelet/Bangle - Yellow

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