Online Armenian Store - Join Us and Showcase Your Armenian Treasures!


Are you a creator of beautiful Armenian products, unsure of how to share them with the world? Look no further! Join the Online Armenian Store family and let us help you bring your crafts to a global audience.

Getting Started: Simply reach out through our website's contact form or drop us an email at We're eager to connect with you! Once you express interest, we'll set up a friendly call to chat about your creations and answer any questions you may have.

Product Diversity: There's no creative limit here! As long as your products can be shipped and aren't perishable, we're excited to explore the possibilities. For delicate items, just bring your artistic touch to packaging, and we'll handle the rest.

Shipping Support: Whether you're in the heart of Yerevan or crafting in other regions, we've got you covered. Our local shipping team is ready in Yerevan, and if you can ship to us or directly to customers, we'll make it work seamlessly.

Communication is Key: We keep things simple and connected via email. Share your product details and captivating photos following our easy guidelines. Let's make your creations shine online!

Let's Grow Together: Join the oldest and largest Armenian store since 2009. We're not just a platform; we're a community dedicated to bringing Armenian culture to every corner of the globe.

Terms and Conditions with Online Armenian Store:

  • Product Information: Vendors are responsible for providing accurate details and clear photos. Any return costs due to misinformation are the responsibility of the vendor.
  • Listing Process: Products are showcased on the website based on information provided by the vendor, along with high-quality photos. Vendors are accountable for the clarity and accuracy of product information.
  • Pricing Agreement: Vendors provide both wholesale and suggested retail prices. A commitment not to undersell the suggested retail price is expected.
  • Payment Procedures: Payments are processed monthly based on vendor invoices. Invoices should outline product costs and shipping expenses for the previous month. We agree to pay the invoice within 10 business days of receipt.
  • Payment Hold for Shipped Products: In cases where the vendor handles shipping or when product inspection is not possible (e.g., closed packaging), we reserve the right to withhold payment until 10 business days post-product delivery.
  • Currency Agreement: All transactions between us and the vendor are conducted in Armenian drams. While the website sells products in USD, the financial transactions with vendors are exclusively in Armenian drams.


Expand Your Reach with Our US Warehouse Service!

  • Opportunity for US Presence: Looking to reach a broader audience in the United States? Good news! Online Armenian Store provides vendors with the opportunity to utilize our US warehouse in Florida, ensuring faster shipping and a significant advantage for US customers.
  • Benefits of Using Our US Warehouse: Vendors can take advantage of our US warehouse service to store inventory locally. This means quicker shipping times for US customers, especially crucial during holidays and for last-minute gift seekers.
  • How It Works: Interested vendors can ship a designated quantity of their products to our US warehouse. Once an order from the US is received, we take care of the shipping process. Vendors get paid for the product sold after the transaction, and our website processes payments in the following month's invoice.
  • Strategic Advantage: Having products stored in our US warehouse provides vendors with a strategic advantage in the competitive market, ensuring faster delivery times and increased customer satisfaction.



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