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Charles Aznavour - With a Soft Whisper
Narine Abgaryan - The Foreigner
Sally Rooney - Normal People
Dan Bilzerian - The Setup
Dmitri Trenin - New Balance of Powers
Vahan Zanoyan - Waking Noah's Vines
Operation "Zod"
Sargis Stepanyan - Arm-Man
Elena Ferrante - The Story of a New NameElena Ferrante - The Story of a New Name
Evan Osnos - Joe Biden
Charles Aznavour - My Dad - Giant
Charles Duhigg - The Power of Habit
Elena Ferrante - My Brilliant Friend
Ani Qochar - Never give up
Peter Thiel - Zero to OnePeter Thiel - Zero to One
Adi Shankaracharya - VivekachudamaniAdi Shankaracharya - Vivekachudamani
Georgi Gospodinov - The Physics of SorrowGeorgi Gospodinov - The Physics of Sorrow
Fernando Aramburu - Motherland (Patria)Fernando Aramburu - Motherland (Patria)
Syune Sevada - Salty TeaSyune Sevada - Salty Tea
Sati Spivakova - Not Boring Classic
Eugen Ruge - In Times of Fading Light
Fredrik Backman - A Man Called Ove
Tigran Hayrapetyan - War and Politics
Narine Abgaryan - ManyunyaNarine Abgaryan - Manyunya
Milton Friedman - Capitalism and Freedom
Narine Kroyan - Bella BelladonnaNarine Kroyan - Bella Belladonna
Niall Ferguson - The Square and The Tower

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