ZARUK Designs Circle-Like Ornament T-Shirt (Women's)

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Tshirt "Circle-like Ornament"
The Tshirt with a nationality ;)
How was this Tshirt design created? First, medieval Armenian manuscripts were studied, and a few ornaments (illuminations, marginalia) were singled out. Then, based on those ornaments, collages were made out of dried flowers and leaves. What you see here is one of those collages, reproduced through digital printing. As a result, while wearing this very Tshirt you can enjoy both the beautiful medieval and floral look and the durability of the print! By the way, as it is made of cotton, the Tshirt feels good on the skin in any weather.
And how much of this Tshirt was Made in Armenia?
- Sewing of the Tshirt? Yes!
- Creating the beautiful design on it, using the motives of exquisite dried colorful flowers and leaves? Yes!
Printing the design on the Tshirt? Yes, indeed!
Buy a "Circle-like Ornament" Tshirt for yourself or for those you love!
With all of the variety of sizes, this Tshirt is excellent for wearing at various occasions, creating Armenian couple photos and family photos, and simply as a cute present for adults and children alike!

Material: cotton Tshirt with print.

Size Chart

A, inch/cm
B, inch/cm
14.2 / 36
21.7 / 55
14.2 / 36
22.2 / 56.5
15.4 / 39
23.6 / 60
16.1 / 41
24.2 / 61.5
17.1 / 43.5
25 / 63.5

Care instructions:

Iron with low heat
Do not iron printed areas
Wash with similar colors
Wash at 30°C inside-out
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Brand ZARUK Designs
Material(s) Cotton (some elastane to ensure a better fit)
Size(s) S-XXL

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