Data Tutashkhia

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The novel is a story of a Georgian outlaw of the Imperial Russian period, a very popular theme in Georgian literature, and combines thrilling escapades with Dostoevskian dealings with the fate of an individual and national soul. The story is narrated by a Russian gendarme, Count Szeged, who frequently passes the story-telling on to other characters. The novel follows the life of outlaw Data Tutashkhia, who spends years eluding capture by the Tsarist police. They are led by Data's cousin, his detached and imperturbable double, Mushni Zarandia. The book, and the feature film based on it, turned Data Tutaskhia into an iconic hero, widely popular in Georgia.
Author(s) Chabua Amirejibi
Translator(s) Aram Sahakyan, Maghvala Sahakyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2020
Pages 928
Binding hardcover

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