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This next book in the series tells all about flags. The flags of all countries of the world, the meaning and significance of their colors and symbols are also presented. A historical reference is made to the history of the origin of flags and flags. The young reader will get acquainted with the terms of the language of flags and the rules of etiquette, will learn what role they play in the life of states and society today, will see 194 flags of modern states and will read a brief interpretation of their colors and symbols and the history of their origin.
Title in Armenian Դրոշներ և դրոշակներ
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2011
Pages 48
Binding hardcover
Printing Color
Size 21 x 27 cm
ISBN 9789939513355

tags: droshner ev droshakner, դրոշներ եւ դրոշակներ

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