Karaberd Herbal Tea 3 Pack Collection

Shipped from Armenia
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Karaberd Herbal Tea 3 Pack Collection
Brand Karaberd
Made in Armenia
Net Weight 3 x 35g
Shipped from Armenia

Karaberd Herbal Tea is a rich collection of herbs from the highlands of the Lori region in Armenia. It has gone through traditional and natural development process with no chemical interference.
Useful properties: this bunch regulates blood pressure, cleanses the body, is useful for regulting digestion, as it has a refreshing and restorative effect.
Ingredients: Thyme, Mint, Oregano

Alpine Mountain Bunch
Useful properties: this wonderful bunch has a unique taste and a pleasant aroma, special taste, soothing, healthy and boosting immunity effects.
Ingredients: Raspberry, Blackberry and Currant Leaves, Mint, Wild Mint, Thyme, Hypericum, Melissa, Kantapa, Chamomile (cultivated)

Heating Bouquet Useful properties: this bunch has a pleasant aroma, has waming, anti-inflammatory, antiperspirant and vascular cleansting properties.
Ingredients: Linden, Mint, Raspberry and Blackberry Leaves

Store in dry and cool place at a temperature of 20 C with relative humidity of 70%
Shelf life 2 years

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