The Promise Of The Black Angel

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The Promise Of The Black Angel

The Promise Of The Black Angel

The novel's hero is our contemporary - a frustrated writer and ordinary journalist who can not resist the temptation of easy fame. Driven by the desire to achieve success, he makes a five years’ deal with Satan, and as a result achieves dizzying success: all obstacles are removed out of his way, even at the cost of human lives. Outwardly, he does not change, only the mirror reflects the eerie state of his soul. 5 years later, after meeting with God's messenger does he realize the destructive process he’s been involved in and he deeply regrets having sold his soul in exchange for short-term success.
?The novel "The Promise of Black Angel" is a call to all the gullible not to give way to the devil’s promises, for worldly pleasure and transient glory can not dominate over the given unique opportunity to join the ranks of the immortals.
Author(s) Eduard Khachikyan
Translator(s) Lilia Zakharyan
Language(s) Russian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2014
Pages 288
Binding paperback
Printing Black & White
ISBN 9789939528588

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