About The Kind Dwarf And The Bagpipes

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About The Kind Dwarf And The Bagpipes

About The Kind Dwarf And The Bagpipes - is an illustrated book of Yuri Sahakyan's children's poems, translated from Armenian into Russian by Irina Tokmakova.

Why did I decide to translate the poems of Yuri Sahakyan from Armenian into Russian? The thing is that poems, if it's a real poetry, and not a simple poetastering, always have a deep meaning, a specific, inner melody, such poems have soul. And this is what the poems of Yuri Sahakyan have. And the spirit of the poem can be conveyed by any language. This is why I wanted to translate these poems and to present it both to adults and children, reading Russian. I'm sure you will like them.
Irina Tokmakova
Author(s) Yuri Sahakyan
Translator(s) Irina Tokmakova
Language(s) Russian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2010
Pages 56
Binding paperback
Printing Color
ISBN 9789939522562

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