Aksel Bakunts - Kyores

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Aksel Bakunts - Kyores

Axel Bakunts's novel "Kyores" was first published in 1936. The novel depicts the story of defeat with high writing skills and typical condenses. On one side is Kyores, with its language, manners and customs, tribal upbringing, natural sense of work, justice and all things natural, on the other side is Goris, where it is new and imported, under the pressure of which Kyores is gradually collapsing.
Title in Armenian Ակսել Բակունց - Կյորես
Author(s) Aksel Bakunts
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2022
Pages 152
Binding Hardcover
Size 11 x 16.5 cm
ISBN 9789939768618

tags: aksel bakunc, kiores, goris

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