Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte-Cristo. Book 1

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Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte-Cristo. Book 1

“The Count of Monte-Cristo” is one of the best and most famous adventure novels written in 1844-1845. The author thought about writing this book for the first time when he was travelling through the Mediterranean Sea. Here he saw the Island of Montecristo and heard stories about treasures hidden in the island. At the beginning of the novel we meet an ordinary young man who is the captain’s assistant of the ship Pharaoh. He has a beloved girl, Mersedes, and dreams and goals inherent to all eighteen-year-olds. Edmond Dantes, who is used to fighting against danger from an early age, is unable to win the injustice of the world, and as a result of a conspiracy organized by his friends, he is sent to the castle-prison If from where a way out would be a miracle. ​From the first sight it seems the life has come to a dead end. But the jail completely changes the course of Edmond’s life, and especially the meeting with Abbe Faria becomes fatal. During the years spent together in jail this wise old man gives Dantes an extensive knowledge on philosophy, mathematics, culture and science. Knowing that he is close to death, Faria tells Dantes the location of treasures on the Italian Island of Montecristo. Moreover, he does him good even after his death: Dantes takes Faria’s place in the burial sack. When the guards throw the sack into the sea, he breaks through and swims to a nearby island. He is rescued by a smuggling ship which is going to pass by the Island of Montecristo. After discovering the treasures of the island, he returns to his homeland with the pseudonym Count Monte Cristo and takes revenge on all the people who were guilty in the loss of his youth and beloved girl.
Title in Armenian Ալեքսանդր Դյումա - Կոմս Մոնտե-Քրիստո․ Հատոր 1
Author(s) Alexandre Dumas
Translator(s) Suren Vahuni
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2022
Pages 782
Binding Hardcover
Size 15 x 21 cm
ISBN 9789939753430

tags: koms monte-qristo, monte kristo, aleksandr dyuma

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