Anania Shirakatsi - Geography. Cosmology. Other Works

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Anania Shirakatsi - Geography. Cosmology. Other Works

This collection of the medieval Armenian thinker, calendarist, cosmologist, mathematician and geographer Anania Shirakatsi's works once again attests to the fact that the development of the Armenian scientific thought has been placed on solid foundations since early times. Most of Shirakatsi’s works have not lost their relevance till now; Ashkharhatsuyts –often translated as Geography in particular aims at revaluing the geographical knowledge about Armenia and the world. “Every being implies decay and in every decay the origin of being is conceived, and it is due to this harmless contrast that the world is able to survive.” A. Shirakatsi, 7th century “The earth, I think, is like an egg: as the spherical yolk is in the middle, the white is around it, and the shell surrounds it on all four sides, so is the globe in the middle, the air is around it, and the sky surrounds it on all four sides.” A. Shirakatsi, 7th century
Title in Armenian Անանիա Շիրակացի - Աշխարհացույց։ Տիեզերագիտություն։ Այլ աշխատություններ
Author(s) Anania Shirakatsi
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2022
Pages 272
Binding Hardcover
Size 14.5 x 20 cm
ISBN 9789939757827

tags: shirakaci, ashkharhacuyc, ashxarhacuyc, ashkharhatsuyts, tiezeragitutyun

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