Anna Akhmatova - The Fifth of The Year's Seasons

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Anna Akhmatova - The Fifth of The Year's Seasons

Anna Akhmatova is a well-known name both in her homeland and in the world, as one of the brightest representatives of the "silver age" of the flourishing of Russian culture, in general, one of the great figures of poetry. His main theme is love, which is manifested in Akhmatov's poetry in all its diversity and richness. However, the skillful translation of the delicate pages of the female soul, with its rare talent, reflects the important events of public life, with the same mastery of patriotic, civic lines in the sky.
Title in Armenian Աննա Ախմատովա - Տարվա հինգերորդ այն եղանակը
Author(s) Anna Akhmatova
Translator(s) Levon Blbulyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2022
Pages 276
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 9789939768731

tags: anna axmatova, tarva hingerord ayn eghanak@, tarva hingerord ain exanake

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