Aram Pachyan - Goodbye, Bird

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After returning from the military service the young man can not get back to the habitual life. The life at the army and the rules of the closed communities are so different from the normal life, that the transition from one to the other completely unsettles the young man and makes him mentally disabled. Every step, gesture, word and vision of the twenty-eight-year-old young man who returned from the army several years ago, is a revelation, which takes him back to the beginning, when the reality had lost its shape, and turned into a new and imperceptible world. In his imagination he embodies different characters, feels the the presence of his girlfriend again, remembers his childhood and army friends, who are gone now. ?This is a book of questions, and the answers to these questions are to be found by the reader. The novel is like a puzzle, which needs to be compiled and the picture is not full until the last piece is on its place, thus, the last word of the book is read.
Author(s) Aram Pachyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) EDGE Publishing
Year 2018
Pages 229
Binding Hardcover
Size 15 x 21 cm
ISBN 9789939920207

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