Armenian Amulets of 18-20th cc

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Armenian Amulets of 18-20th cc

Armenian Amulets of 18-20th cc

By Astghik Israelyan

This study aims to shed light on the eclectic amulet collection in the History Museum of Armenia, namely natural and artificial intriguing objects of charms used or worn in the XVIII-XX cc. It is the first attempt not only to bond the Armenian amulets with the diverse cults and popular beliefs but also to reveal their functions and purposes in everyday life and rituals. the book is expected to be in the best interests of ethnographers, archaeologists, art theorists and those who feel curious about popular traditions, customs and rites in general.

Author(s) Astghik Israelyan
Language(s) Armenian, English
Publisher(s) History Museum of Armenia
Year 2012
Pages 200
Binding hardcover
Printing Color
Size 21 x 30 cm
ISBN 9789994127672

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