Arm Root Van Kingdom Bracelet Small

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Arm Root Van Kingdom Bracelet Small
Collection "Van"
One of the most beautiful Armenian traditions is passing a jewel from generation to generation, mainly from grandmothers carrying the loving memories and wishes of grandmothers and mothers.
I assume many of us wouldn't mind that, and this collection has been created taking into account the following: to create jewels that will live on for generations to come.
The collection has been created based on the crescent-shaped silver pectoral (real size 18,4cm), which is now kept in the Miho museum of the Kyoto city as a feminine silver necklace of unique beauty from the Kingdom of Van dating back to 8th-7th centuries B.C.
The crescent-shaped silver pectoral features mythical creatures, sacred trees and Gods.
Various analysts have considered the mythical images angelic beings between the heaven and the earth. All we have to do is have and feel the majesty of the ornament.
Arm Root was founded by Tatev Hovakimyan from Armenia targeted to create modern jewelry based on new technologies through maintaining culture and rich traditions of silver art for ages.

Brand Arm Root
Designer Tatev Hovakimyan
Material(s) 925 Sterling Silver
Size(s)/Dimensions(s) Length: 6.7"-8.3" (17-21 cm), Width: 0.35" (9 mm)
Made in Armenia
Shipped from Armenia

tags: armenian silver, armenian bracelet, առմ ռութ, առմռութ, armroot, handmade silver, թևնոց, թեւնոց, tevnots, van, վան

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