Ashot Aghababyan - Trap

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Ashot Aghababyan - Trap

The hero of Ashot Aghababyan's novel "Trap" is one of the exceptional individuals, the spy John Hanisyan, who lives next to us, whose seemingly incredible actions and dramatic life story are the basis of the novel in the heroic battle of our days. The name of the main character of "Trap" is not written in the press for obvious reasons, he does not appear on TV screens. The exceptional actions of him and others like him are usually silenced or talked about only decades later. These unique people, who were specially trained at the crucial moment for the country, provide undeniable services to the homeland with their exceptional actions. But they are usually "forgotten".
Title in Armenian Աշոտ Աղաբաբյան - Թակարդ
Author(s) Ashot Aghababyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Bookinist
Year 2022
Pages 568
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 9789939663197

tags: ashot aghababian, ashot axababyan, takard

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