Ayl Kerp Intellectual Board Game

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Ayl Kerp Intellectual Board Game

Number of players: 4+ Age: 9-99
AYL KERP is an intellectual board game for people of all ages who can read and explain themselves in Armenian.
Players have to say things in “other words.” The idea is to explain words using synonyms, opposites, or clues so that your teammates guess as many words as possible in 1 minute which is timed with a sand timer included in the kit.
The game is full of fun, it’s a unique form of smart entertainment that promotes the use of the Armenian language in everyday life and helps to develop your Armenian vocabulary in general.
Approved by the State Language Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education and Science.
Qualified by the National Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia as an auxiliary material promoting the knowledge of Armenian.

301 cards 1 sand timer Instructions

How to play Players split into teams.
The good old classic game of “rock, paper, scissors” determines which team gets to go first.
One of the players picks a card and explains the words on it to their teammates without actually saying the words, or their root words (aka in other words). They are given 1
minute to complete the task. Each guessed word = 1 point. If all 7 words on the card are guessed correctly and the timer has not run out yet, the player has the right to
take another card and keep it going.
Words can be explained in different ways: using synonyms, antonyms, describing a situation, etc.
The team that has the most points is the winner.

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