Ayl Kerpik Intellectual Board Game

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Ayl Kerpik Intellectual Board Game

Number of players: 4+
Age: 4 to 14

AYLKERPIK is an intellectual board game
for kids and teens.
The game has colorful, vivid, and illustrative
content. It consists of 200 double-sided cards with pictures and
words. The pictures are for players
between the ages of 4-8, and the words are
for those between 8-14 years old.
The idea is to explain the pictures or words
on the cards to teammates in other words.
Approved by the State Language
Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education and Science.
Qualified by the National Institute of
Education of the Ministry of Education and
Science of the Republic of Armenia as an auxiliary
material promoting the knowledge of Armenian.
200 double-sided cards
(400 pictures and 800 words)
1 sand timer
1 notebook (to keep the score)
How to play

The good old classic game of “rock,
paper, scissors” determines
which team gets to go first.

One of the players picks a card and
explains the words on it to their
teammates in other words. They are
given 1 minute to complete the task.
Each guessed word is 1 point. If all the
pictures or words on the card are
guessed correctly and the time has not run out yet, the player
has the right to take another card and keep going.
The pictures or words can be explained
using synonyms, antonyms, describing a situation, etc.
Young children are allowed to use some
additional tips: gestures,
facial expressions, or sounds.
The team that has the most points is the winner.

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