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BIG kiddy game is designed for children over 6 years old, adults
who can read. It is especially interesting for children aged 8-12.
The participants of the game start the game after placing their favorite checker at the start.
The game will be started first by the youngest participant, and the rest of the participants will
continue according to the principle of increasing age. We choose the color of the checker on the same principle.
The playing cards included in the game have thematic questions and two versions of
the answers for each question, one of which must be correct, so during the game the playing cards must be closed so that the written questions do not appear.
ATTENTION! The correct answer on the playing card is underlined in bold, so the questions must be
read by another participant and the other answer, and the respondent chooses the respondent in a closed position, and the right
or wrong answers can be seen only after answering all the questions on the playing card. It is clear that in order
to get an unbiased result, the respondent should not take the playing card, get acquainted with the card questions in advance.
To take one step on a 10-step track, you must answer at least two of the three questions
on the chosen card correctly, and if all three of the answer cards are correct, the player takes two steps. The participant
does not take a step if he / she answered one of the card questions correctly or did not give the correct answer at all.
After answering the card questions, the opportunity to choose a card passes to the next participant.
The winner of the game is the participant whose checker reaches the finish line first.

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