Carl Sewell, Paul B.Brown - Customers for Life

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Carl Sewell, Paul B.Brown - Customers for Life

If your company has anything to do with the service industry and you have not yet read this book, then correct your mistake immediately. Customers for Life is the entire experience of a Cadillac dealership, where everyone from the manager to the salespeople and craftsmen pulls through and sets new records day in and day out, ultimately breaking their own records. Agree, it's still nice to sell 25% more than yesterday. What should we do that you have surpassed the record you set yourself? you were the best in dallas anyway, weren't you? But that was yesterday. Today you have surpassed your yesterday self. This is the whole question. There are many practical examples in the book. Of course, most of these relate to the auto dealership industry. However, if you are a specialist, you will not only be able to highlight the important points for you without any difficulty, but you will also find a way to extrapolate the experience of car dealers to your business.
Title in Armenian Կարլ Սյուել, Փոլ Բրաուն - Հաճախորդներ ամբողջ կյանքի համար
Author(s) Carl Sewell, Paul B.Brown
Translator(s) Liza Chagharyan, Astghik Atabekyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2022
Pages 336
Binding Hardcover
Size 13 x 18 cm
ISBN 9789939768649

tags: hachakhordner amboghj kyanqi hamar, hachaxordner amboxj kyanki hamar

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