Charles Aznavour - Retiens la Vie

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Charles Aznavour - Retiens la Vie
Title in Armenian Շառլ Ազնավուր - Կյանքից կառչած
Author(s) Charles Aznavour
Translator(s) NewMag
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) NewMag
Year 2019
Pages 174
Binding Hardcover
Size 16 x 24 cm
ISBN 9789939919652

This is not about life, Aznavour says, let this little book bring you lightness like a
gentle breeze. These stories express his mood, reflected in happiness and simple joy.
It was not easy for Aznavour to tell about his life. There is a lot of dilemma: tell the
whole story or to hide the untold?
This is a unique dialogue between the reader and the author. The artist talks about
unhappiness, success, happy meetings. Aznavour, who loved life, is committed to life and
clings to life, relives his long-forgotten lovers and memories.
It is not easy for Aznavour to tell his own life. He is faced with a dilemma ...

tags: kyanqic karchats, kyankic karchac, charles aznavour, sharl aznavur, kiankic karchadz, retiens la vie

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