Come And Live In A Fairy Tale

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Come And Live In A Fairy Tale

Come And Live In A Fairy Tale

In this children’s book, Yerazik Grigoryan has made the conflictive situations based on the good and bad softer, sometimes even funny, and mainly has led them to peaceful solutions. The demons do not kidnap princesses here and the witches do not plan plots, the heroes search for stars in the puddles, and discover the secrets of the universe. The general atmosphere implies that life can be not only a struggle, but also a peaceful coexistence dominated by love, kindness, generosity and faith. This collection of fairy tales is a nice present both for children and adults, which reminds us that we all belong to our childhood.
Author(s) Yerazik Grigoryan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2011
Pages 60
Binding hardcover
Printing Color
Size 21 x 21 cm
ISBN 9789939523361

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