Cross-Stone. The Art of The Cross-Stone. Volume A

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ROSS-STONE / THE ART OF THE CROSS-STONE (STRUCTURAL EXAMINATION) / VOLUME A, ISFAHAN AND JERUSALEM This extensive volume, completely dedicated to Cross-Stones, has two goals: firstly, to represent the complete collection of Armenian cross-stones (khachkars) which are in the Armenian Diaspora, namely in Jerusalem and New Jugha. For that purpose Harutyun Khachatryan and Mishel Pasmachyan have been working for more than ten years in these two cities, as well as in Armenia, collecting and photographing the unique heritage of the cross-stone art, which, by the way, was recognised as part of intangible cultural world heritage by UNESCO in 2010. ?This work, documenting all the details of each monument and adding photos to it, also creates the opportunity to preserve the Cross-Stones. Secondly, the authors tried to create a system, which will enable to analyze, classify and record a great amount of graphic and lithographic information.
Author(s) Harutyun Khachaturyan, Mishel Pasmachyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2019
Pages 422
Binding paperback
Printing Color
Size 23 x 28 cm
ISBN 9789939753263

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