Arm Root Daghdghan Necklace

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Arm Root Daghdghan Necklace
Collection "Daghdghan"
Jewelry with each piece being a carrier of a genetic history and memory.
""Daghdghan"" used to be a wooden talisman widely used in the household by Armenian people. "Daghdghan" was hung above the door at the entrance or on jugs. It was also made for people and animals.
"Daghdghan" was made through use of special ornaments and carving techniques, while the master was supposed to have positive thoughts and refrain from any kind of negativity when making the talisman because these thoughts were believed to pass on to the person the talisman was being made for.
The uniqueness of "Daghdghan" was that it was made from the wood of the holy tree of "Daghdghan", which was believed to cure animals and people, boosted fertility, protected from the evil and regulated the element of the nature.
Arm Root jewelry is made with love and warmth! Multiply your love and warmth by wearing them or giving them to your loved ones as a gift!
Arm Root was founded by Tatev Hovakimyan from Armenia targeted to create modern jewelry based on new technologies through maintaining culture and rich traditions of silver art for ages.

Brand Arm Root
Designer Tatev Hovakimyan
Material(s) 925 Sterling Silver
Size(s)/Dimensions(s) Length: 17.7" (45 cm)
Made in Armenia
Weight 12g
Shipped from Armenia

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