Paul Offit - Deadly Choices

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Paul Offit - Deadly Choices
Title in Armenian Փոլ Օֆիթ - Մահաբեր ընտրություն
Author(s) Paul Offit
Translator(s) Astghik Sargsyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) NewMag
Year 2019
Pages 448
Binding hardcover
Printing Black & White
Size 14 x 21 cm
ISBN 9789939921723

There’s a silent, dangerous war going on out there. On one side are parents, bombarded with stories about the dangers of vaccines, now wary of immunizing their sons and daughters. On the other side are doctors, scared to send kids out of their offices vulnerable to illnesses like whooping cough and measles–the diseases of their grandparents. How did anyone come to view vaccines with horror? The answer is rooted in one of the most powerful citizen activist movements in our nation’s history. In Deadly Choices, infectious disease expert Paul Offit relates the shocking story of anti-vaccine America–its origins, leaders, influences, and impact. Offering strategies to keep us from returning to an era when children routinely died from infections, Deadly Choices is a vigorous and definitive rebuttal of the powerful anti-vaccine movement.

tags: mahaber @ntrutyun, mahaber entrutyun, pol offit

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