Dialogue About The Armenian Taboo

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Dialogue About The Armenian Taboo

Dialogue About The Armenian Taboo

Language: Armenian

Authors: Ahmet Insel, Michel Marian

December 2008: A Turkish petition asks Armenians for forgiveness for the “Great Catastrophe”, otherwise known as the 1915 genocide. The following month, around sixty French and Canadian Armenians respond: “Thank you, Turkish citizens.” For the first time, the “enemies” had broached a taboo subject. This book was conceived to give shape and depth to this beginning of a dialogue. Ahmet Insel, one of the signatories of the Turkish petition, and Michel Marian, one of the initiators of the Armenian response, go face to face. The book is a conversation between two men, one Turk, one Armenian, about the past, present, and future. Through their personal and family itineraries, the great events that marked the history of these two peoples are evoked with, as its culminating point, the 1915 genocide and the question of its recognition.

Interview by Ariane Bonzon

Translated by Anahit Avetisyan
Author(s) Ahmet Insel, Michel Marian
Translator(s) Anahit Avetisyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Printinfo
Year 2010
Pages 210
Binding paperback
ISBN 9789939816142

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