Early Medieval Four-Sided Stelae in Armenia

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Early Medieval Four-Sided Stelae in Armenia

Early Medieval Four-Sided Stelae in Armenia

By Grigor Grigoryan

The monograph “Early Medieval Four-Sided Stelae in Armenia” is the first complex study where 252 four-sided stelae from Armenia, Western Armenia (Turkey), Georgia and Nagorny Karabagh have been brought together. With the 89 stelae published so far, 163 more four-sided stelae have been put into scientific circulation for the first time: among the are the 26 stelae unknown so far and discovered by the author. The arguments and solutions of theoretical, factual and applied matters, the discussion and examination of view-points in the specialized literature and the rich factual material put into scientific circulation are the indisputable merits of this work.

Author(s) Grigor Grigoryan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) History Museum of Armenia
Year 2012
Pages 288
Binding hardcover
ISBN 9789994127160

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