Eugen Ruge - In Times of Fading Light

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Eugen Ruge - In Times of Fading Light

Enthrallingly expansive in its geographical and temporal sweep, this story of a German family tells of years spent in exile, of the revolution, of 1989, and beyond. The masterful narrative makes a halt in Mexico, Siberia, and East Berlin, climbing the summits and charting the abysses of the 20th century along the way. The result is both a stunning panorama and a monumental German novel that makes history itself tangible through the history of one family. A novel of immense stature, founded on its humanity, its precision, and its humor. In Times of Fading Light focuses on three generations. The grandparents, still convinced Communists, return to the fledging East Germany at the beginning of the 1950s to do their part in establishing the new state. Their son returns from the other direction, having emigrated to Moscow and found himself banished to Siberia. He returns with his Russian wife to a country mired in petit-bourgeois values, yet also brings with him an unwavering belief that they can be changed. The grandson, meanwhile, feels increasingly constricted in a heimat that was not of his choosing and heads to the West on the very day that his grandfather, the family patriarch, turns 90. The glittering lights of a political utopia that once shone enticingly seem to be gradually fading as time wears unwaveringly on.
Title in Armenian Օյգեն Ռուգե - Մարող լույսի ժամանակներում
Author(s) Eugen Ruge
Translator(s) Mariam Gurzadyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) NewMag
Year 2022
Pages 364
Binding Hardcover
Size 16 x 24 cm
ISBN 9789939884530

tags: oygen ruge, oigen rooge, marogh luysi zhamanaknerum, marox luisi jamanaknerum

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