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Authors: Vardan Aygektsi, Mkhitar Gosh

Vardan Aygektsi (died 1250) was an ethnic Armenian author, and priest.

Among his works are his Fables and a Geography, both of which have been mistakenly attributed by some to Vardan Areveltsi.

Aygektsi was born in Marata, a village near Aleppo. Vardan lived for a time in Duluke (Doliche) in Cilician Armenia. He was educated in the Monastery of Arkakaghin, and received the title of vardapet. In 1198 he took part in the coronation ceremony of King Levon II. From 1210 he was at the monastery of Aygek, in the Black (Amanus) Mountains. His Fables, commonly known as Aghvesagirk ("Book of the Fox"), are said to have been only in part from his pen, many additions having been made by others. He died in 1250.

In 1668, an extensive collection of Aigektsi’s fables, under the title "Aghvesagirk" (Book of the Fox) was published in Amsterdam. The naming of the collection was based on the fact that the key character in most of the fables was a fox.

Mkhitar Gosh (1130–1213) was an Armenian scholar, writer, public figure, thinker, and priest. He was one of the representatives of the Armenian Renaissance.
Author(s) Vardan Aygektsi, Mkhitar Gosh
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Areg
Year 2012
Pages 92
Binding paperback
Printing Color
Size 14.5 x 20 cm
ISBN 9789939837031

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