From Meadows to Kitchen - Grandma's Secrets

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From Meadows to Kitchen - Grandma's Secrets

From Meadows to Kitchen - Grandma's Secrets

Comes with wooden spoon and gift bag. This recipe book summarizes the results of the 2012 school competition "From Meadows to Kitchen - Grandma's Secrets," where students were taught the importance of biodiversity and how ecosystems serve our wellbeing and to take over responsibity for the means of livelihood of future generations. As a result, this book reflects Armenia's rich cultural roots and valuable biodiversity. The program stirred children's interest and motivated them to apply, inquire and collect old recipes from their mothers and grandmothers. In addition, the Program inspired them to start to be more attentive and appreciative of their surrounding nature.
Language(s) English
Publisher(s) Printinfo
Year 2013
Pages 300
Binding hardcover
Size 23 x 22 cm
ISBN 9789939008691

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