From The Battle of Avarayr to Nvarsak Agreement

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From The Battle of Avarayr to Nvarsak Agreement

From The Battle of Avarayr to Nvarsak Agreement

Author: Karen Yuzbashyan

The Battle of Avarayr was fought on 26 May 451 AD on the Avarayr Plain in Vaspurakan, between the Armenian Army under Vardan Mamikonian and Sassanid Persia. Although the Persians were victorious on the battlefield itself, the battle proved to be a major strategic victory for Armenians, as Avarayr paved the way to the Nvarsak Treaty (484 AD), which affirmed Armenia's right to practice Christianity freely.

The battle is widely seen as one of the most significant events in Armenian history. The commander of the Armenian forces, Vardan Mamikonian, is considered a national hero.
Author(s) Karen Yuzbashyan
Language(s) Western Armenian
Publisher(s) YSU Publishing
Year 2005
Pages 326
Binding paperback
ISBN 580840603x

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