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Number of players: 2+

Age: 4+
The game of GTNELUK consists of 57 round cards with large and small images of different colors. Each card has 8 pictures, any two cards have only one common picture.
Matching images are identical in color, and may differ only in size.
The goal is to be the first to find the matching image and shout out the word pictured.
57 round cards
The main rules are to find the match, shout it out, win!
However, there are three different ways to play GTNELUK:
Option 1. You need to collect as many cards as possible.
Option 2: You need to get rid of all the cards as soon as possible.
Option 3: You need to collect as few cards as possible.
Approved by the State Language Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education and Science.
Qualified by the National Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia
as an auxiliary material promoting the knowledge of Armenian.

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